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Woburn Youth Soccer Association

Travel Coach Guide to SportsConnect

Welcome to SportsConnect

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Welcome to SportsConnect in Woburn Youth Soccer.  This guide is for Travel Coaches who are new to using SportsConnect as a coach in Woburn.  Regardless of whether you have been a coach in Woburn before or not, this guide should be useful in helping you use our new software system.  And please return here frequently as we'll update this page with more information as we learn more about the system and the questions people have with it. 

First, for general coach information, see the general Coaches & Volunteers page in the Program Info section of our web site.  This page is intended to only focus on the use of the software system. 

Second, please also read the Parent Guide to SportsConnect as it covers a lot of the basic information about using SportsConnect.  And that includes information about volunteering for a coaching role if you haven't already done so. 

Navigating to Your Volunteer Info

From the My Account page after logging in, you can see the status of your volunteer role by clicking on Volunteer in the left side navigation.  If you have been assigned to a team, you'll see that info displayed on the page.  In SportsConnect, the blue bar under your name indicates what program you volunteered for, what grade grouping you volunteered for, and to which team you have been assigned.

You'll also see information in the Volunteer section about the status of adult training and clearances.  For more information on that process, see the Mass Youth Soccer page

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Things to do in ECYSA

While we in Woburn have shifted away from the prior registration tool SportsManager, the Essex County Travel League that connects the various cities in the league is using to schedule and manage games.  We provide links to the Essex website for game schedules and standings.  Likewise, roster approvals and club passes will only be done in the Essex County website. 

To log in to ECYSA as a Woburn coach, go to the ECYSA Coach Login and bookmark that page.  (Note that it is highly recommended that you use a full computer to work with ECYSA rather than a phone.)  Log in with your ECYSA credentials and in the landing page, be sure you have the correct team selected.  You can contact [email protected] for ECYSA related questions except for password issues that need to be handled on the site. 

Once logged in to ECYSA, you can see your Official Roster, Evaluate game day officials, Coach Contact List, Coach Game day Report and display your ECYSA ID to print if needed.  GUEST PLAYER INSTRUCTIONS are located on the Home page from the left hand menu which is when you have a player from another team play "up" on your team.  Standings is where you will be able to see your standings.  And Schedule is where you will be able to see your schedule.  That should be all you need to do in SportsManager on a regular basis. 

As a coach, you will be notified through ECYSA of any game changes and you will then need to alert parents about those changes.  

The public live view of your game schedule is best seen in the ECYSA SAchedule.  Locate the navigation on the top to find the Schedule link and then use the buttons to select the correct grade and division.  If parents want a live view of the game schedule, this is the best place to send them so they will always see the most up to date view. 

If you have feedback or questions, please e-mail them to [email protected]

Thanks again for coaching!

From this Volunteer page, you can click to Visit Team Page.  The Team Page is where you will find the tools to manage your team.  Bookmark this page so you can jump to your specific Team Page directly in the future.  

Team Page Overview

It is recommended that you use a computer for your Team Page.  The layout gets just too small and strips away some capability when doing it on a phone screen. 

The Team Page is where you can find your roster and if you click to Print Roster, you'll be able to add in the information about the players and download that roster using the Export button.  Note that this is not the roster you would print to bring with you on game day (see Things to do in ECYSA).  You may enter in your players' jersey numbers, otherwise, the Edit Roster button won't be of much use here to travel coaches.

Your Calendar is visible on the Team Page.  Important note: games will not be visible in your calendar here in SportsConnect (more on that below).  But if you want as a coach to add practices, you can create them here using the Create Event button.  Note that the calendar here shows only your team info and not any full league events - for the full league events, go to the
ECYSA website.

The e-mail capability is pretty easy to use.  Just click on that tab, enter a subject and message, and then choose "Select All" to send a message to everyone.  Then click Send. 

And if you like, you can replace the stock image on the Team Page with your own image. 

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